Hello, I am a volunteerguide Yusan.
 I have been doing volunteer tour guide at Matsumoto Castle for over 10 years.
 I would like to share the things I have gotten for these years with you.
 If you are visiting this site from overseas, please take your time and enjoy the tours on this site.
 If you are planning to visit Japan and my hometown, Matsumoto, this could be a good preleaning of the area.
A tour from
Matsumoto station
to the castle
Yusan will guide you from Matsumoto Station to Matsumoto Castle.
A tour at
the drum gate
Yusan will guide you at the Drum Gate.
A tour in
the first enclosure
Yusan will guide you in the first enclosure.
A tour in the castle towers
Yusan will guide you in the towers of Matsumoto Castle.
Foreign visitors
to Matsumoto Castle
Some foreign visitors to Matsumoto Castle.
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